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How To Auction

The Salvage Online Bidding Portal allows people to make bids on salvaged vehicles easily by registering as a bidder and bidding online or live.

Making a purchase at the AWNIC Auction just got easier and faster!

1. Registraion

Create / login an account:

Simply click on the ‘Register/Login’ button on the website and fill in the basic details required. Await the admissions approval then you are ready to get started!

2. Search and Explore

Bidders can search their favorite Salvage Vehicle on the site by clicking the “Find A Vehicle” button.

3. Inspect

AWNIC requests that you inspect the Salvaged Vehicle before making a big by reviewing the Condition Report, checking the photos online, and/or visiting the vehicle on site to inspect it live.

4. Accept T&C’s

The user has to deposit refundable security of AED 5000 and Accept the terms and conditions of the auction with AWNIC salvage.

5. Start Bidding / Buy

To Bid: Choose your favorite vehicle and press the button “Participate in Live auction” / if want to buy now then press the “buy now” button.

To Buy: Choose your favorite vehicle and press the button “Buy NOW” then submit your request with your contact details. After receiving the request one of the AWNIC online executives will contact you to process the payment.

6. Bid Result

Wait for the highest bidder’s result and if you are the highest and you have quoted above the reserved price then you will be the final purchaser of the Salvaged Vehicle.

7. Payment and Delivery

You can make the final payment online or by visiting the brand then you can collect your vehicle at ease.

It’s that simple!